Monday, March 28, 2011

Week #7 wrap-up post

Yikes! I'm slacking - but at least it's only electronic slacking.

So.... leg day fell on bicep and ab day, and while I didn't push as hard for leg press after I progressed on Smith machine squats due to a bit of extra soreness, overall it was a big success!

Then, on to shoulders and back day. Yes, they ended up being lumped together too. My shoulders are really, really testing my patience of late. They're threatening to slow my progression rate. The good news is that I made up all of the ground I lost due to injury and personal obligation during week #6 and part of week #7.

Another positive note is that I've started developing "finishers" - extra exercise to be completed when I'm at the end of a particular day's workout and I can actually stand the thought of lifting a weight still.

I started with dips (chest and triceps) done with a  plate weight slung under me (with a special weight belt meant for just this purpose). I started with a 25lb but I wanted more pain sooner, so now I do them with a 45lb plate.

Now, I've developed the concept of doing the same with underhand pull-ups. Last night, for no other reason than I wanted to show my buddy Oscar, I decided to demo these with 50lbs of plate weights under me. That's a combined weight of 240lbs for pull-ups. I'm currently doing "massive weight" bent-over dumbell rows after deadlifts and seated cable rows - last night was 105lbs per hand, 6 per side. My shoulders will be next in-line for an ass-kicking. For my legs, I'm torn between hack squats nd leg extensions. For today, I'm leaning toward hack squats as I do miss doing them. Doing them as a "last rep" exercise should be interesting!

So, thanks to a bit of work rescheduling, I'll be able to JUST finish my THT 2.0 Refix schedule instead of having to attempt to do some of it while out-of-town. This pleases me a great deal, as I'm not sold on the gym equipment where I have to go. :(

So, leg day today for week 8 and back on track for schedule. Not a bad way to start the week!

Train hard folks!


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  1. If the weight room don't do the trick just use a few of the locals.