Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week #7 chest and triceps done!

YES! I love being back in the gym. I gave myself a few days off, interspersed with a shoulder and back workout (week #6, noted earlier). I was honestly concerned about my performance, given my off-the-pace resutls with my shoulders and condensed back workout. Chest and triceps day was looking to be... interesting.

Well, I shouldn't have worried at all! Yesterday, through mechanics I can't really begin to fathom, I hit a new personal best for bench: 190lbs x 9, followed by 170lbs x 8. I then managed 120lbs x 12 and 110lbs x 8 for my incline chest press - both sizeable gains. This was followed by new PBs for pec deck.

Shortly thereafter, the hits kept coming. Overhead triceps extension - 90lbs x 12., 80lbs x 10, 75lbs x 12. Tricep pushdowns - 150lbs x 12, 135lbs x 12, 125lbs x 11. I finished with weighted dips with 25lbs on me - I managed 10 reps, 4 reps and then 2/3rds of a rep. Held that last one for a few, slowly lowered to the floor, and then staggered out to the changeroom.

Last night was also cool as a few buds of mine were at 22 Wing for their own workouts. After hearing what two of them were doing for their chest day and triceps, I offered some MuscleHack-type substitutions. They agreed to try them out and I coached them through their first reps. Both immediately said that "my" exercises were far better as they were feeling the work immediately!

It's always a good day to teach someone else about the wonders of MuscleHacking. Thanks for all you do for us, Mark!

Lift safe folks!


PS, in the spirit of the MH fan page March Madness pictures, allow me to welcome you to the gun show. :)


  1. Good deal Adam, glad to see you are recovering!

  2. So that's what you do at work eh Adam lol. Just do your BAS (body action system) impressions of Bas Rutten. WHOOP! (arm flex) ah ha ha ha!. Good to see the injury wasn't serious and you are back in action. Spreading the word of Mark.

  3. Great to hear, Adam. Glad you're back on track.
    Always appreciate spreading the good word, too!

  4. Thanks guys! I actually took last night off after slinging tires all evening - the hub spacers I needed for the rear hubs on my Ford Escape showed up so I mounted my summer rims after work last night. Had some "equipment issues" so it took about an hour and a half. My biceps and abs got quite the workout hefting 50+ lbs of tire and rim 8 times over and then some.

    So, tonight will be biceps / abs / legs and tomorrow will be shoulders and back. I'm pretty stoked to hit the gym again today! Even my hip wasn't much of anything when I woke up this morning. I roll right over onto it each morning as that's "my side" of the bed.

    All the best for a great weekend guys!


    P.S. - anytime Mark! I'm quite happy to see that your page just seems to keep attracting new fans each day. Hopefully someone new each day learns that they can have what they want without gimmicks or anything else.