Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week #8 leg day done - with extras!

Like. A. Freaking. T-Rex!

So, I almost blew last night completely. After two wicked sets of Smith Machine squats, I loaded the incline leg press machine with what I had believed to be 650lbs of weight. I sat down in/on it, went to move the plates up so I could release the catches (thankfully, this didn't really come to be) and found that the weight didn't want to move much. I did move it, but nowhere near as easily as I would have expected for that weight. Puzzled, I tried again. And again.

I then started counting plates... for a total of 830lbs. There were two extra plates per side. Whoops! This is why basic math is good for you kids! And so is paying attention to what you're doing. So, aside from the fact I can actually move that much weight, nothing happened. My leg press reps for the day were on-track. Can't argue with that!

Finally, after progressing at calf raises (seated), I decided to come up with a "finisher" for leg day - this week, it was leg extensions (seated). I was quivering, involuntarily, as I walked out of the gym to get changed.

So, that's another positive notch in the logs for THT 2.0 Refix. Also, on a happy note, I ordered two of Mark's new MuscleHack tank tops today! STOKED! They might take a week or so to get here but they're totally worth the wait. Now I can spread the word about MuscleHack without even saying a word!

Have a great day folks!


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