Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week #4 biceps and abs done

This was an interesting gym run. I went up on my opening standing cabled curls. I then actually lifted less for straight-bar curls, reinforcing what I've thought for a couple of weeks now since replacing single dumbell curls with cabled curls: I had some weight increases to make and that would knock down my 2nd and 3rd exercise weights.

In reality that's perfectly fine. The numbers don't matter, so long as you keep progressing. In fact, I was so trashed that for my second set of incline seated dumbell curls, I actually switched to hammer curls just to be able to move the weight I wanted to move. I've since decided that I like one set of seated incline curls and one set of seated incline hammer curls as my biceps "finisher" exercises.

Abs day was a whole different story - in the same vein of "good". I smashed out new gains on the kneeling ab crunch and on my decline weighted situps. I don't have any straps that I can use for weighted leg raises, so I sub in suspended knee raises that go tight to my chest in sets of 20. Next week I'll make them sets of 25.

When I woke up this morning, my abs were feeling pretty damn good, and that means that I've finally found my "crawl" point for progression with them. Now to just keep blasting them until I really get them up. I normally also throw in a set of kneeling cable crunches and a set of decline weighted situps on Fridays and then I give myself till next Wednesday to rest.

Shoulders day is today. I'm stoked :D After a couple of weeks of improv for traps, I'm looking foward to some Smith Machine time so I can really smash out some trap raises. I'm also stoked to hit another progression on overhead press tonight - both seated machine and dumbell!

Lift hard folks!


  1. A good idea is to do knee raises with a dumbbell held long-ways between your feet. Works a treat. Keep smashing it man!

  2. I'm so trying this out tomorrow! Thanks Mark!