Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week #4 leg day done - barbell squats!

OK,  after yakking with the guys on the MuscleHack Bodybuilding Forums, I decided to go with two sets of barbell Smith machine squats and then my two sets of leg press, followed by the usual two sets of straight-leg deadlifts.

Good news: I can bar squat well over 200 lbs.Once I really hit it next week, I'll likely hit for about 240 on my opening rep. Yesterday I still got a wicked burn doing 180 x 10 and then 200 x 8 as I was more concerned about form and cadence than sheer weight. I'm pretty confident I gave my legs a decent workout, because I still progressed on leg press (650 to open) and even my calves are protesting this morning.

I have to say, every time I take the time to learn something new with bodybuilding / weightlifting  I've yet to be disappointed.

Chest and triceps day today! Stoked! I'm looking forward to more progressions on my benches and pec deck again today. My triceps will be filing a restraining order by supper time. Can't wait for work to end today so I can hit the gym! C'mon 3:30!

Lift hard folks - but safely! Get that PCP and you'll be rewarded!



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