Monday, March 7, 2011

Week #5 leg day! Oh yeah!

Well, leg day today was a bonafide thriller. I actually came good and close to "failing" on the leg press. Thankfully, I've devised a method to prepare to brace my legs with my hands if need be and I actually had to give myself a little "shove" with the hands. Between the progression on Smith machine squats and leg press, I'm trashed - 4 hours later.

Calf raises have become a situation. I've since gone back to seated calf raises and I've seen a progression already there as well. Tomorrow is chest and triceps day - can't wait! It's a hungry, feral feeling, wanting to get back into the gym and kill it all over again.

Last night, about 40 minutes into our hockey game, I had to go ripping back into our end to get the puck. My body did so with no hesitation, no real hint of fatigue. To be fair, I don't think I've ever felt that "fast" since I was like, 20. I was still good to keep moving after that.

Also, a quick shout-out to Mark and the extended fam over at the MuscleHack Fan Page. Mark has a great new logo together that will be going on some MuscleHack merch. I can't wait to place an order!

Lift hard - and safely - folks!




  1. I started the 2.0 refix this week and the leg day was killer. I only managed one set of stiff-legged deadlifts coz my legs were shot from squats and leg press already.

    Did my biceps, forearms and abs today. I felt as if it was too many sets of more or less the same exercises. Alternate dumbell curls, barbell curls then seated dumbell curls etc. I felt like I couldn't keep up the intensity after a while. I didn't do any kneeling crunches. I was well and truly done after the decline sit ups and leg raises.

  2. Morning Leigh! (well, it's morning here :P)

    Leg day takes some getting used to if you've mever had a leg day that intense before. You'll get there. One thing to remember is what you do for your opening set on your last exercise is not what you would open with if it was your first or only exercise for your legs.

    As for biceps, to ratchet up the intensity swap the first set of dumbell curls for cable curls. You get resistance all the way through the rep. After 2 sets of those, I do cabled straight bar curls. Finally, for the last 1 1/2 weeks (3 sets), I've been doing hammer curls as I find they hit me harder than incline dumbell curls.

    As for abs, I found that I was doing my kneeling cable crunches... wait for it... backwards. I was kneeling with the stack behind me. I was getting some work in, but I knew that for the weight that I initially struggled to get off of the stack, I should be able to move more. Last night (week 5, go figure), I started kneeling with the stack in front. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. I was crunching with 175 and it felt like I was engaging every single fibre I had.

    Keep at it :)

    Good luck!