Saturday, March 5, 2011

THT 2.0 Refix 1 month in - thoughts

I have to say that as impressive as my gains were from last summer until now on both THT 3.1 HIT and Volume cycles, I have a feeling that THT 2.0 Refix is going to raise the bar even higher for my next cycle.

Bench press - I was never a fan, but now I'm hitting 180lbs for reps. That's a personal best.

Squats - I NEVER bar squatted until THT 2.0 Refix. Now, I'm hack squatting over 430lbs and Smith machine squatting over 220lbs. That's HUGE for me.

Leg press - 650lbs for reps as of next week. My current bodyweight is 190lbs.

Overhead press - I had previously plateaued at 140lbs (on split-sets) prior to THT 2.0 Refix. This week I did two sets of 140lbs x 6. Next week is 150lbs to start.

Dumbell overhead press - 100lbs for reps as of this week (50lb dumbells).

Delt lateral raises - 50lbs for raises next week to open.

Cabled bicep curls (singlehanded): 85lbs to open next week.

It just keeps coming. This whole cycle is getting ridiculous! I keep carving body fat and adding mass. I was transfixed on my deltoids the other day when doing lat raises as I had never done them with my t-shirt rolled up. The size and striations in my delts was unbelievable! I guess I need a couple of those coming-soon tank tops for my workouts!

I'm stoked to finish up the rest of this cycle and not sure if I'll attack some of the up-and-coming THT 3.2 stuff or take a week off and do another run of THT 2.0 Refix. Seriously. It's THAT good!

I can't close without thanking the original MuscleHacker, Mark McManus, for all of his hard work in developing these training programs for all of us. There's a donation link on the main website guys and gals. Please give, even a bit, to show your appreciation for all of Mark's tireless effort for all of us.

All the best for a great weekend!


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  1. Awesome post, it's good to let people know where you are at for weight wise. I'm often curious of what Mark's weights are for each. It gives you something to compare your own progress with against someone else. Not in anyway to go "ah ha I beat so n so" or "whoa can't believe he does that" but it's nice to put your own workout in perspective of someone else. I'd definitely like to come up with you again some time, I've kinda avoided squats myself, would be good to learn to do them properly from someone.