Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week #8 chest and triceps done

That was seriously not how I expected my workout to go. Since tweaking my elbow and hip almost two weeks ago, I've fought to at least hold fast to my last recorded performance for each day. For chest day, I was hoping like hell for solid progressions.

Yesterday was not only the second week in a row where I had a progression, it was a resurgence of progress that I haven't seen yet doing THT 2.0 Refix. My flat and incline benches had 2-rep increases and my triceps were insane - 95lbs x 9 for my opening overhead dumbell extensions. That is NUTS.

Tricep pushdowns were also similarily positive. Finally, I did about 7-8 dips with 45lbs under me (toa failure), a few more with 25lbs and then a few more bodyweight ones.

Biceps and abs are today. I've gotta keep smashing the weight so that I represent well in my new tank tops.

Gotta keep lifting! Remember folks, 80% of the ad revenue from here will go to and 20% will now be going to the charity of my choice upon payout. It could be the Canadian Red Cross, it could be the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. I'm also revisiting the split for revenue - thinking of making it 50/50 between a donation to Mark and the charities.

The more you click, the quicker payouts happen. Currently sitting just under $20 accrued, payout is at $100.

So, spread the word and help me help some worthy causes - including a good turn for the guy that keeps us all MuscleHacking, Mark McManus.

Lift safe and hard folks!


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