Friday, March 25, 2011

Week #7 - officially all out-of-whack

So,  this ends up being a purely infrmational, windbaggish post and not much else. Bicep and abs day didn't materialize last night due to personal obligations and upgrade work on the truck. So, tonight is biceps / abs / legs and tomorrow will be shoulders / back.

Can't wait to hit the gym!

I also appreciate the personal notes sent to me over the past days, both expressing well-wishes about my physical recovery and encouragement / kind words about the blog. Thank you, each and every one of you. I'm writing this blog not just for myself, but more for all of you. It's my daily diatribe about MuscleHacking - my personal endorsement (unpaid, by the way) as proof that MuscleHack THT workouts really work. I sincerely hope that every reader of this blog, and indeed every reader / subscriber of, takes the time to consider their personal health this year and makes conscious steps to ensure their own good health.

I'll be pulling for you! I happily accept any and all questions regarding my work put in, MuscleHack workouts or anything else at all. Do note that if there is a MuscleHack-specific question that I cannot answer, I may steer you to the master himself, Mark McManus. I consider myself well-versed in MuscleHack theory and applications, but I'm still not Mark. ;)

Happy lifting all - and don't forget to enjoy your weekend!


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