Monday, March 21, 2011

Week #6 shoulders and back done - injury update

Well, this was an expected, but unwanted, turn of events. With THT 2.0 Refix shoulders day being postponed by two days, and subsequently back day as well, I wasn't expecting big gains while still healing a couple of decent injuries. However, I did feel well enough to hit the gym on Sunday, so I did.

I had less strength than I expected I'd have, but part of that could have been mental "guarding" considering my elbow and hip injuries. However, I did manage to finally eke out some gains doing delt raises and then some gains doing trap shrugs.

Back day was cut fairly short, due to a lack of energy and a desire to not wanting to hurt myself any more than I already had. I limited myself to seated cable rows but still managed to progress across the board.

Even this morning, I have some decent pain in my hip and my lower back (from the fall). Walking still hurts a tad. So does sitting. I'm skipping ball hockey today to give my back a rest, but skating last night wasn't bad at all.

Leg day is today, but not sure how that's going to pan out. I might have to ditch squats and/or leg press, depending on how things go pain-wise. Time will tell.

Remember folks, be safe when lifting! Analyze what you're doing when you can and make sure you're lifting as safely as you can. I've found a new sit-up bench at the gym that I'll be using from now on for my incline sit-ups once my back and hip heal more.

Have a great Monday!


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